Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post It Brooch-Tutorial

Hiya all!

Well, I just made something today and wanted to share it with you all because its very easy to make and very cheap (or for free) :)

Well, we all use Post Its don't we. I had plenty of magazines at hand so I thought why not make a Post It Brooch, eh? Something different, right?

Ok, Now Step 1, Cut off strips from old mags or newspapers or whatever waste paper you have. Each strip should be approximately 3 cm wide and around 13-15 cm (or even more) long.

Ok, now for Step number 2, Keep on folding the strips of paper width wise.

Step 3 Continue Folding it twice or thrice.

Step 4 Now its time to roll! Don't forget to apply some glue in between so that it sticks.

Step 5 Make a few more and stick them together to make a flower and finally stick it on a Post It Pad or a Journal or Anything!

Tada!! And Im done!! Sorry if I bored you guys, this is my first tute! And sorry for the bad picture quality...I did the best I could and I promise I'll come up with something wayyyy better next time!! 

See ya all! Love ya! :)


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  1. hi Alia, I'm your new follower, you posted a question on my community page ( Blog Frog) I left my answer there
    have a lovely week


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