Monday, May 23, 2011

How to take care of your Hair in Summer...

Hi guys!

Do u ever have one of those days when life seems so gloomy and full of despair...U know when ur all depressed for no reason...well, today is one of those days for me! God, send some laughs down here, I really need some! :(

Anyways, I don't wanna spoil ur day, so lets talk about something interesting. Today I've got some really good articles for u on How to take care of your Hair during Summer.

Real Simple has an answer to all your Questions!

1) Here's an article on How to Fix Common Summer Hair Problems. Check it out here.

2) Here's an article that every chick out there could really use ;) How to Blow Dry Your Hair like a Pro. Isn't that great?? Now my hair is always a mess, so I could really use these tips! Read more about it here.

3) And here's another article on 6 Stylish Summer Hair Accessories. Good for all u ladies, teenagers as well as li'l girls! And the best part is they are easy on the pocket too! Find out more here.

Well, thats it for now!

Hope u all have a very nice day...n I hope the same for me too!

Love u all!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bye Bye Flu and Cold! Easy ways to outsmart common cold and the flu!

Hello all u beautiful people out there!

How ru doing? 

Well, I was doing a little bit of reading yesterday (online, of course!)...on coryza, or the common cold and Flu. 

The common cold is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system. Common symptoms include a cough, sore throat,runny nose, and fever. Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is an infectious disease. The most common symptoms of the disease are chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness/fatigue and general discomfort.

I know how difficult it can be to get rid of a cold and flu, so here are a few ideas that might interest you!

1) has a marvelous article on How to Outsmart the flu. You can check it out here.  

2) Real Simple has an article than tells How to stay Healthy during Cold and Flu Season. Check it out here.

3) Better Homes and Gardens, one of my favorite websites, gives us Remedies and prevention tips for the cold and flu. Check it out here. 

4) Whole Living, another one of my favorites, also has a very interesting article on 10 best Cold and Flu Fighters. Interested? Find out more, here.

5) has a list of articles on this topic. 

There's one that tells us How to cure a cold before it starts. Find out more about it here

Another article gives us tips on How to cure a Cold 'Drug Free'. Check out the article here

It has another article on How to Cure the Common Cold and Other Viruses Naturally. Now, I really really like this one because I'm a big fan of Homemade Remedies. Find out more about this here.

I hope u find this post helpful!

Have a nice day!

Love u all,


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Transforming your House


How are u all today? Enjoying the summer, eh?

Today lets discuss a new topic. Everybody likes a li'l bit of changes around the house now and then. I was just browsing on the internet for quick and cool transformations around the house and here's what I came up with.

1) Real Simple has a really good article called No-Money Home Makeover Ideas. Did I read 'No Money'?? It cannot get better than this, can it?

You can check out the article here.

2) Homemakers has an article on 12 Pretty Patio Decor items. Now not only can you transform your house, but you can also spruce up your yard and garden. Isn't that great?

Check it out here.

There's another article that tells you How to grow an herb Garden. I'm sure you'll like it.

Check it out here.

3) BHG, in one of its articles, gives very good Re-modelling Tips and Advice. Find it here.

4) Shelli, from A La Mode, is a reader of Somewhat Simple and has recently put together a beautiful home tour that was too amazing not to feature! She did all the the design herself, on a budget and I love her style- its fresh and clean, but patterned and fun. Best of all, EVERY SINGLE ONE of  her sources are listed at the bottom of each post, so if you see something  in a room that you love, you can learn exactly where to find it! Take a look at some of the rooms you will see on her home tour. You will find it here on Somewhat Simple .

5) Take a look at Cube Mug. Its stackable, it saves space and its super cute, isn't it? You can find out more about it here.

I hope you liked my post and I hope you find it useful. 

Have a nice day.

Love u all!


Friday, May 20, 2011

My BBQ Party!

Hi ya all!

How ru guys doing today? Well, u know right now I'm vacationing in Saudi Arabia with my parents and bro, and here, in Saudi, having a BBQ party every week or fortnight is not a big deal! I mean u go to beaches and gardens n u'll find a BBQ party going on! Isn't that amazing??

 The other day, I told u about this BBQ party my parents were gonna host. They had invited 70 guests and 75 showed up! Lols...

I wouldn't blame them though! After all, my mom is a really good cook! :)

We had Tandoori Chicken BBQ, Black Chickpea Masala, Russian Salad, Yoghurt and Mint Salad, Meat Pilaf (Pulao) and Seviyan (A dessert made with Vermicelli and Milk)....God, it was really good!!

Those are my cousins getting the BBQ started

Tandoori Chicken...Yummilicious!

The moon by the Sea :)

The guy in the white shirt and that dazzling smile is my bro. :)

God, we had such a GREAT time! By the time we got home it was 2:30 am! We had a tough time getting up in the morning. 

That's it for now!

Love ya all! <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

S'more Brownies on the Food Network

Hi ya all!

How are you all doing? I just came across this really good recipe on Food Network, thought I'd share it with you all! 

S'more Brownies on the Food Network

Picture of S'more Brownies Recipe

In the meantime, My parents are throwing a BBQ party tomorrow. Guess how many guests they've invited? 70!! And my mom is really freaking out right now, lols...I'm gonna take lotsa pics of the food and the party and share them with u all! 

Till then, ciao!

Love u,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boneless Masala Fried Chicken - Indian Style

Hi guys!

How are ya all doing?? Enjoying the lazy summer breeze?

I'm in Saudi Arabia right now and the climate here is so unpredictable! One second its warm, the other second there's this really cool breeze coming by and then again a second later its sunny all over again!

I'm really enjoying my vacation with my Mom, Dad and Bro while my husband's on a business trip to Belgium (I bet he's having a whale of a time!) and next week he'll be off to France (Ok, now I'm really jealous).

Oh, this reminds me Belgium is famous for Diamonds and France for Couture! I should inform my husband about that :p A few gifts didn't hurt anybody, eh?

Well, anyways, I made this really delicious Masala Fried Chicken today...Pure Indian Style and I want to share the recipe with you all! My bro loved it and trust me, my brother could be one mean food critic and if he loved it, I'm sure you guys will too! So here we go:

Boneless Masala Fried Chicken - Indian Style:


Chicken-750 gms (Boneless and Cut into Medium Sized Pieces)
Ginger Paste-1 Tbsp
Garlic Paste-1 Tbsp
Turmeric Powder- 1/8 th Tsp
Red Chilli Powder- 1 Tsp
Coriander Seeds (Powdered)- 1 Tbsp
Garam Masala Powder- 1.5 Tbsp
Lemon Juice- 2 Tbsp OR Vinegar- 1 Tbsp
Salt- To taste
Cornflour or Rice Flour- As Required


1) First of all, wash the chicken thoroughly.
2) Mix the Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste, Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Seed Powder, Garam Masala Powder, Lemon Juice / Vinegar and Salt in a big bowl.
3) Add the Chicken to it and mix well. Let the Chicken marinate in it for at least 4-5 hours (In the fridge). You can also leave it overnight in the refrigerator.
4) Heat oil in a wok or a deep pan.
5) Dip the Chicken Pieces in Cornflour or Rice Flour and fry them till they turn brown.
6) Serve Hot.

I know the pic isn't good but we were in a hurry to eat so I couldn't wait to get my camera and just clicked a pic with my cell phone...I know! Shame on me! :(

Ok, do try this out at home and let me know how it turns out!

Have a nice Summer!

Loads of love!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Success Quotes - Cute li'l Banners (and an 'Abayah' recycle coming up soon!)


Thank God Blogger is back to normal...God, was I freaking out! :p

Well, guess what? I'm really obsessed with making these li'l banners and tags, I mean, seriously, I don't know what's with me! Anyways, I thought I'd share some with you.

You are free to use and share these!

Love ya all!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few more Couplets :)

Hi ya all,

I just came across a few couplets I had written a few years ago and I thought I'd share them with you all. They're  in Hindi but I've tried my best to translate them in English for ya all :)

तन्हाई के एक आंसू से अपने खुशियों का दिया ना बुझा,
इंतज़ार तुने उसका इतना किया है, दो पल और ठहर जा.

Do not put off the flame your happiness with a tear of your loneliness,
You have waited so long for her, a few more moments wouldn't hurt.

ग़मों के सागर को पार तू कर खुशियों की कश्ती से,
दुनिया से काहे को डरते हो, सामना कर तू हिम्मत से

Cross the Seas of Sorrow with Kayaks of Joy,
Don't let the World scare you, Confront it with Courage.

दूर ना देख ओ राही, सफ़र बड़ा लम्बा है,
आये कठिनाई तोह ए, तुझे तोह आगे बढ़ना है.

Don't look at the distance, Oh Traveler. The road is very long.
Let Difficulties come along, You still have to go all the Way.

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